About this event:
The Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club (©PSILC) is proud to announce its
second annual symposium at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood City.
We’ve assembled an esteemed panel of health experts such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, his
wife Lisa Oz, and Deepak Chopra, to provide a day of invaluable instruction,
demonstration, tools, and resources to parents and professionals who work with
and care for children. Along with other renowned health and wellness experts,
you will learn the tools to better care for yourself as well as positively affect
children in your care.

Join us as we bring children and adults to the next level of health and well being.
Become part of a network designed for today’s adults, parents, and professionals
responsible for the health, wellness, and education of themselves as well as
children and young adults.
The symposium will focus on achieving health through good nutrition and
proper medical care as the crucial ingredients to wellness and wisdom leading to
a happy life.

By supporting the symposium, you are saving lives by providing valuable
resources to bring continued medical and educational services to the community.
In 2012, ©PSILC provided medical clinics and nutrition workshops to over a
thousand children, seniors, and adults in San Mateo County. At least 10,000
more people need these services in San Mateo County alone. Today, other Bay
Area counties are requesting ©PSILC’s medical clinics and nutrition workshops.
I invite you to join ©PSILC’s family of community leaders to support the well
being of our youth and emerging future leaders.
Together, we build a strong legacy to grace the lives of all our children as we learn
how to better care for ourselves.

psilc_logoAbout Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club
The Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club (©PSILC) was founded by Eleanor Lindquist-Britter and her husband, Bill Britter. The club has over half of its members in the medical profession, with its primary focus on health care initiatives in partnership with schools, senior centers, and local communities.
In 2012, ©PSILC delivered medical clinics and nutrition workshops to over a thousand children, seniors, and adults in San Mateo County.

LionLogo_smallAbout Lions Club International

Who are the Lions?
Lions Club International is the World’s Largest Service Club Organization
with 46,000 clubs and 1.35 million global members.
How has Lions Improved Lives?

  • $6 million dollars from Lions Clubs around the world to help earthquake victims in Haiti.
  • 12 million youths learned life skills through the Lions Quest Program to tackle issues such as drug abuse & violence.
  • 41 million children vaccinated through the Lions Measles Initiative.
  • 15 million children screened by Sight For Kids (joint initiative with Johnson & Johnson).
  • 120 million children receiving eye care services through Lions Eye Care Centers.
  • 147 million doses of Mectizan distributed worldwide to treat and control river blindness.
  • $415 million raised for the SightFirst Program, saving eyesight for millions worldwide.
  • 8 million cataract surgeries worldwide.
  • 15 million trees planted by Lions worldwide from 2011 – 2012 to better the environment.

“The health and welfare of our children should be a major priority for each of us.  Many children are needless at risk because a lack of information available to either their parents or care givers.  Too often we only think of children going hungry, but many  are also at risk for a lack of available medical attention, clean water, proper sanitation, or education about communicable diseases.  The Save a Life conference is an opportunity to learn how each of us can become a beacon of hope to children in need.”

Sid Scruggs, III Past International President, Lions Clubs International;
retired military and commercial airline pilot; and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy

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